Ave Maria Radio
Catholic Radio Station for the Nation, with Teresa Tomeo, Dr. Ray Guarandi, Gregory & Lisa Popcak and other leading Catholics.

Catholic Answers
Do you have questions about the Catholic Faith? This is the site for you. Whether you are thinking of becoming Catholic or just have some questions about your faith, Catholic Answers answers them quickly and accurately. Use their search engine, browse by topic, or ask a question by email.

Catholic Charismatic Center
Serving the members of the Charismatic Renewal in the Roman Catholic Church.

Catholic Charities Legal Svcs - Immigration Help
Free or reduced legal help for immigrants.

Catholic Exchange
Excellent Catholic articles, links, Bible studies from the leading Catholic bible scholars - such as Scott Hahn & Mark Shea, columnists, family night. Lots of info. Check it out every day.

Catholic Home Study Service
The Missouri Knights of Columbus invite you to learn more about your faith. The service is completely FREE and includes home study of the BIBLE, a survey of the Catholic Faith, Mary, the Catechism and more. They send you Books to study and you may, if you prefer, receive a certificate at the end.

Catholic Mom.Com
Tons of Information and Fun. Celebrating Catholic Motherhood

Catholic Therapists.Com
Find a Catholic Therapist in your area.

Excellent site that has lots of reviews of Catholic websites to help you know if they are faithful to Church teachings; wonderful articles, document library, info to help you live the Liturgical Year and more!

This is one of the best Catholic sites on the Internet. It is full of information, free books and audiotapes and links to other Catholic sites.

Catholics in the Military serves those who serve, offering U.S. Armed Forces personnel spiritual truths of military life in light of the Catholic Faith. The primary mission of is to strengthen Catholic families, and to promote vocations to the Military Archdiocese.

Coming Home Network
If you are on a journey to Catholicism, whether a Convert or a "Fallen Away" Catholic, you know it truly is a wonderful and miraculous journey. The Coming Home Network was created to give you help and support during this Journey Home.

Couple to Couple League
Many Catholics do not know that there IS an alternative to contraceptives that is MORE effective than the Pill and fully in keeping with the teaching of the Church. It is Natural Family Planning. This is NOT the old "Rhythm" method. Those who practice it say not only is it effective but it builds stronger marriages! CCL teaches it and gives you all the support you need. The Archdiocese of Miami Family Enrichment Center has also established a hotline for information on when and where NFP is taught in the archdiocese. For information call (305) 762-1155.

Courage is an apostolate whose purpose is to minister to those with same-sex attractions and their loved ones. They are the only such organization in the Catholic church approved by the Vatican. In Espanol & Français also.

Daily Scripture Readings and Meditations
Read today's Scripture readings and discover meditations and writings to deepen your Faith

Decent Films.Com
A site of film appreciation, information and criticism informed by Christian faith. Learn what new & old films are appropriate for your age child or just yourself.

Divine Mercy Devotion
The Association of Marian Helpers are the promoters of the Divine Mercy devotion. Take a virtual tour of the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy & browse at their gift shop. They have a lovely page of "wallpaper" for your desktop of the Divine Mercy painting and lots of information about the devotion to our Lord's Mercy.

Envoy Magazine
The award winning bi-monthly journal of Catholic apologetics and evangelization, edited by Patrick Madrid. It presents the truths of the Catholic Faith in a fresh, contemporary style, featuring today's top Catholic writers, full-color graphics, and an upbeat, innovative format.

Eternal Word Television Network
EWTN is THE Catholic Network. It has a vast number of resources including a document and extensive audio library. Listen to their vast collection of highly informative and interesting shows online.

EWTN for Kids. Club house, lots of info, games etc.

EWTN's Frequently Asked Questions
A great resource on a wide variety of commonly asked questions, such as whether women should cover their heads in church? Is Sunday really the Sabbath? What is the End Times and are Harry Potter books ok?

Ignatius Press
Books, Music, Sacred Art, Videos & CD-ROMS. Probably the Best Catholic Book Publisher there is. Pope Benedict's official publisher.

Life On The Rock
The Show and Magazine for Young Adults & Teens.
Many links plus wonderful info on numerous Catholic topics. Also, check out LiveCatholic on Facebook.

A free ministry to traveling Catholics, in partnership between the Catholic Communication Campaign of the U.S. Catholic Conference and 1-800 Mass Times Trust. Find Mass, Adoration & Confession times across the US, plus non-English Services, Web links for Catholic Travelers, Wheelchair Access & more.

New Advent
This excellent website has lots of Catholic resources including the Catholic Encyclopedia, several daily News Services, many links, Catholic Online Bibles, fantastic book recommendations and more.

Our Sunday Visitor Periodicals
Our Sunday Visitor, Catholic Parent, Catholic Answer, My Daily Visitor, The Priest, and The Pope Speaks magazines. Each one an excellent publication.

Pro-Life OB-GYN's
Are you searching for a pro-life Obstetrician or Gynecologist? This is the place to go. The American Association of Pro-Life OB-GYN's website has a listing of doctors in our area.

Relevant Radio
Talk radio that Bridges the Gap Between Faith and Everyday Life



A Program to Help Couples Heal and Renew their own Marriage Relationship. If your marriage suffers from frustration, conflict, anger, boredom, disillusionment or hurt, or if you are unable to see how to change your situation, this may be a program for you to help you both rediscover each other in a new and positive way.

The Florida Catholic Newspaper
Read about issues directly concerning Florida Catholics.

Vatican Museums Online
The Vatican Museums are one of the most famous and renowned cultural institutions of the Holy See...Take a tour.