Can We Be Saints?

Frank Duff, founder of the Legion of Mary, wrote his first pamphlet, the excellent ""Can We Be Saints?"" in 1916. In it he expresses his conviction that all without exception are called to be saints and that through the Catholic faith sainthood is possible for everyone.

The Seven Daily Habits of Holy People

You are interested in taking your spiritual life more seriously from this point on. You heartily assent to one of the key points of the Second Vatican Council: the importance of the doctrine of the universal call to holiness. Now what you must learn are "The Seven Daily Habits of Holy Apostolic People".

Introduction to the Devout Life

Read online one of the great spiritual masterpieces of all time - "Introduction to the Devout Life" by St. Francis de Sales. For nearly 400 years people have been taught how to live a life devoted to Christ, from the poorest peasants to the ladies at Court. You can too. Read online, or download it to .pdf, Word, Palm eBook format or more.

Contemplation for Busy People

For many, the words “contemplative life” conjures up images of robed monks or veiled nuns... Since most of us are called to an active life, we assume that we are disqualified from contemplation. But if we look a bit deeper into the Catholic tradition, we see that contemplative, mystical prayer is actually a normal part of the Christian life to be experienced by everyone... "Contemplation is Even for Busy People"

How to Live in the Presence of God

The Savior is described by St. Luke as telling His followers to pray continually and never lose heart. Let us think seriously about what we are told. Fr. John Hardon explains "How to Live in the Presence of God."

Let Fr. John Hardon Teach You!

Want to learn more about Christ and your faith?  Want to learn more about how to become closer to Christ?  Fr. John Hardon, SJ was a very popular and learned priest and spiritual director.  He can teach you too!  Access his countless talks about the faith at the Real Presence Association.

Learn About Prayer, the Interior Life & Spiritual Direction

How does one meditate? How do we get closer to Christ? How do we foster our interior life? How can Spiritual Direction help you? The Catholic Spiritual Direction is an excellent website to help you learn more on furthering your spiritual life.

How to Pray

Here are some things to keep in mind as you persue a deeper relationship with God through silent prayer. Let Fr. John C. McKloskey teach you "How to Pray"